Online marketing

Your projects. On stage.

An online presence is valuable only when it is visible to the desired target. Correctly positioning our clients’ digital assets, providing them with a stream of relevant traffic while constantly monitoring both the results and the return on investment. This is our job.

Digital communication

Your brand. Positioned.

Converting our clients’ stories in contents that are relevant to the digital world is one of our favorite challenges. For this, we build and constantly feed an online network made of newspapers, blogs, portals, pages and social accounts to be involved in the campaigns we design.

Brand & Reputation

Your value. Protected.

Online conversations about companies, people, products, services and events can be key vehicles for your reputation but they can also hide more or less evident signals of potential crises. Our job is also to monitor and protect the online reputation of our clients.

Communicating value

Our task is to help our clients to communicate on digital channels and to choose the tools that are best suited to reach the desired targets. Without falling in love with the latest fad. Case by case. Depending on the objectives. Taking into account the potential critical issues. In harmony with the values and history of the client as well as with the other concurrent communication initiatives.


Much more than a job, for us!


Digital culture builders.

More than 20 years of experience working with companies, organizations, business schools to help managers and teams build the skills needed for understanding in advance the transformation, opportunities and threats of their respective operative landscapes.


From gaming to learning.

We believe in the power of gaming as a tool of communication and learning. We design business games, simulations and online games to help our clients build awareness, knowledge and competencies and to promote virtuous behaviors.


Managing digital legacies.

We work with companies and organizations of every size to correctly manage every aspect of the online communication of rebranding projects. Including the management of the organic positioning, the presence on social media channels, and the management of digital PR.


Business first! And we mean it!


Team players.

We know that sometimes it is important to know how to work in difficult conditions and with tight deadlines. Likewise, we recognize the value of synergy and know how to collaborate effectively and constructively with other suppliers and consultants or with the internal structures of our clients.


Solid and transparent.

As experienced professionals we know our job and what it takes to get the results. We accurately plan and do our best to respect the agreed deadlines. Should we not succeed (it can happen) we say it in advance and work with the client to find a solution.


Lego lovers.

Working with technology requires us to be always open and up-to-date, mindful of experimentation and prepared to possible unexpected developments. We love Lego bricks: we use technology and innovation to connect in new and different ways the traditional tools.

We value communication

Communication is a component of a complex equation that starting from business goals must contribute to their achievement in harmony with the other tools put in place by the strategy. We are digital but in our team we can count on a great business experience. This means that we are aware of the value we can provide and that we know the many declinations that our role may require.

About us

Winow. It's not only web!

WINOW is the evolution and new identity of eprdigitale, of which it inherits the operational team, design experiences, know-how and skills. “WINOW, it’s not only web” is the concept behind the new project and indicates, through a new brand, deliberately built on a recursive algorithm, the desire to offer a range of consulting services that can effectively respond to all the challenges of modern digital communication.